Our self titled debut album was released on C.D in March 2022, with a 12” vinyl version dropping later this year. The recording started as a simple live demo (just before the global pandemic began) but quickly grew arms and legs. It gladly served as a focus for us during the darkest days of lockdown. 
Our hatred of greed, corruption and inequality is perfectly illustrated by many of our guests who contributed to the album. We also like to think that there is a message of self empowerment and optimism. 
Our belief is that the spirit of D.I.Y should be celebrated and promoted, so we were not afraid to draw on inspiration from many different genres of music and wider society at large.
We wrote this album as a kind of concept, a story and a statement of intent.
We are not sure how to describe it... but we are proud of it! 

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Album credits:

Bri - Guitar

Adj - Drums

Andy - Bass

Norman Silver: Former vocalist of Newtown Grunts and Norman Silver and the Gold (vocals on 'Alienation' and 'Old Town Young Team'

Bonnie Prince Bob: Artist, activist and documentary maker  (sampled vocals on 'Paper Kites')

Guvnor B: Former vocalist of The Process and In Decades Decline (vocals on 'Bones, Flesh and Broken Dreams')

Jim Slaven: Community activist and founder of Helping Hands (sampled words on 'Not Charity')

Josef Baum: Artist and D.J (synth on 'Mr X')   

Robbie Tatler: Musician and entertainer (keyboards on 'Not Charity')

Linds: Vocalist and storyteller (vocals on 'Bones, Flesh and Broken Dreams')

Recorded and mixed by Tommy in 2020/21 @16OHM Studios in Glasgow

Produced by Gutterblood and Tommy @16OHM

Artwork by Gerry Gapinski

Vocals recorded by dwah @LimbicTV

Mastered by John McBain



1) Alienation

2) Mr X

3) Paper Kites

4) Not Charity

5) Bones, Flesh and Broken Dreams

6) Blues for the Abyssopelagic 

7) Old Town Young Team