"A take down of the new monarch by this Scots rabble makes the Pistols’ God Save The Queen sound like a tame Royalist ballad. Forget Single Of The Week. This is Single Of The Year. Play it at your neighbours on 6th May." (Louder than War, England)

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"And if GUTTERBLOOD deserve one thing alone, it would be a dancing and seething audience that has one thing in common: the will to self-determination and freedom."
8/10 Ollie Fröhlich (Ox Fanzine, Germany) 

"This form of underdog attitude coupled with a healthy sense of tradition for tonal Xerox Art is a rare and welcome middle finger to any musical or social establishment." 

(Metal Hammer magazine, Germany)

"Their sound brings to mind both Mogwai (rich, classy instrumentation) and Benefits (spoken word monologues of a political nature but less abrasive in tone)." 

(Just Some Punk Songs, England) 


 New 10" e.p DUe out november 2023 and available to pre-order here