Our debut album will be released on CD in early 2022 with vinyl planned for later this year. The album is already available on most digital formats.

The theme is truly global. Subjects of corruption, inequality and gentrification is tempered by a call for hope and optimism. 

We were also joined on the L.P by some very special guests who provided gritty spoken word vocals and some wonderful layers of extra instrumentation.

We believe it to be an unusual, reflective and seething debut L.P and we are very proud of it!

You can read more HERE or pre-order your copy HERE


It’s mastered by John McBain. Should we start with that? Gutterblood hails from Scotland, where they apparently have managed to produce this most weirdest of stoner crust, doom punk poetry albums one might ever lay ears on… Indeed, poetry it is. Politically inspired declamations of anger and frustrations; the constantly growing gap and more. All propelled by fast paced grungy drums and gritty riffs… Straight from the gutter indeed!” 

(Stoner Hive, Netherlands)

"They revive a certain vision of contaminated grunge, with a dirty and heavy approach. These guys are not afraid to take on many directions and blow their audience away!"

(Rock Garage, Italy)

"These are all great tracks with a little something for everyone. Classic metal riffs paired with properly dark and droney distortions, highlighting the specific issues of class division in the city of Edinburgh"

(Fatal Noise album of the Year)